1 - Checkout Process

After selecting a plan you will be directed to the checkout page. Here you can add information about your project: What titles do you want, what kind of music and maximum length do you prefer? Different options are available according to the selected plan.


2 - Upload your files and folders

You will be directed to the upload page after purchasing one of our Editing Plans. We accept all types of picture, sound and video formats. The uploader below is just a demo. No files will be uploaded to our servers. Try it!

3 - Editing Service

Once your upload has finished, we get to work right away: Choosing the best editing tools for your needs and the footage. Importing files and organizing the project. Deciding lengths of single shots, building a storyline and keeping track of a rhythm that keeps your viewers attention in focus. We have a huge variety of editing and effects plugins available to achieve a contemporary layout and getting the desired color look to work with your footage.

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