Basic Editing Plan


  • Clean Cut
  • up to 30 mins of Footage
  • No Adjustments
  • 1 Main Title
  • No Music
  • 0 Change Loops


Best price and fast results. The Basic Editing Plan improves your video with a matching rhythm and a basic storyline to grab the attention of your viewers.


Your footage will be at first precisely arranged according to time, location and subject. We take care of that by choosing the most appropriate parts in your footage. Then we determine the optimal lengths for each shot. This helps your viewers to capture the content of your video intuitively and quick. It’s important to us to find the most suitable timing to build tension and increase the overall entertainment factor.

The Basic Plan consequently keeps the attention of your viewers in check. Therefore, this service focuses on the development of an entertaining rhythm and a fundamental storyline.

As of the Standard Editing Plan, additional image and color correction is included, which gives your video an overall visually appealing impression. Click here for more information…

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  • 1 Main Title
  • Preferred Length
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up to 30 mins of Footage


No Adjustments


1 Main Title


No Music

Change Loops

0 Change Loops


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