Deluxe Editing Plan


  • Exclusive Features
  • up to 3h of Footage
  • Image- & Sound Design
  • 1-20 Titles
  • 5 Music Styles or Songs
  • 2 Change Loops


With the Deluxe Editing Plan you get next Image- and Color Correction, Stabilization, Sound Correction also a careful Sound Design. New sounds, atmospheres or soundscapes and bridges (thematic transitions) are specifically tailored to the content in order to make your video perfect.


Although simple audio corrections also bring a significant improvement, only a coherent sound design can really impress your audience. Distracting wind noises or noisy engines in the background can be replaced by much more suitable sounds and atmospheres. On the one hand, this will increase the attention of your viewers, while on the other, it will considerably improve the overall quality of your video.

With the professional color grading your footage also gets a uniform look (color scheme). You can define this grading yourself beforehand. Do you like contrasting colors or do you prefer a somewhat reduced color design? Just let us know which look your video needs to have. We definitely pay attention to a coherent design. With the careful color and sound processing in this editing plan, we place the focus on an end result suitable for advertising and social marketing.

Our Deluxe Editing Plan even offers you 2 change loops. For changes to the editing or the adjustments, you will receive a newly edited video version that contains your requested changes. Then you have the opportunity to make further adjustments during a second revision.

As of the Paramount Editing Plan, you get the ultimate of our post production to enhance your video into a shape applicable for broadcasting. Click here for more information…

In the next step, you can enter the following information for your video:

    • 1-20 Titles
    • 1-5 Styles of Music or Songs
    • Colors resp. Look
    • Details for Sound Design
    • Preferred Length
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Additional information


up to 3 hours of Footage


Image- & Sound Design


1-20 Titles


5 Music Styles or Songs

Change Loops

2 Change Loops


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