Paramount Editing Plan


  • Individual Offer
  • Larger Assignments
  • Full Post Production
  • Extensive Titling
  • Fullscale Music & Sound Design
  • 3 Change Loops


Our Paramount Editing Plan provides the ultimate of post production. Your video gets into shape for broadcasting, and we make sure you will be amazed!


After the primary image and color adjustments, audio corrections and a precise sound design, we take care of the compliance with broadcasting standards. This means that we check your video thoroughly for safe colors and audio signals after editing.

We do not use standard plugins, as they often cause compressions that lead to irritating artifacts, especially in spotlights and dark areas. The same applies to peak levels in the sound. Therefore, we check each shot individually during color grading as we do with the audio volume and compression during the mix sessions. Depending on where you want your video to air, we comply either to the “EBU recommendation R 128”, which defines the sound level for broadcasters in Europe, or the ATSC A/85 (in the US), the OP-59 (in Australia) and even the TR-B32 (in Japan).

With the Paramount Editing Plan, you have the option for a total of 3 change loops, if changes are required after the first or second preview. Through many years of professional experience, we know that editing versions change with progress and new ideas. We are prepared for that in the Paramount Editing Plan to design the most satisfying format for you.

In the next step, you can enter the following information for your video:

  • Preferred Title Design
  • Styles of Music or Songs
  • Colors resp. Look
  • Details for Sound Design
  • Broadcasting Standard
  • Preferred Length
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Larger Assignments


Full Postproduction


Extensive Titling


Fullscale Music & Sound Design

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3 Change Loops


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