Premium Editing Plan


  • Prime Editing
  • up to 2 hours of Footage
  • Image-, Color- & Sound Correction
  • 1-10 Titles
  • 3 Music Styles or Songs
  • 2 Change Loops


Our Premium Editing Plan includes Image- & Color Correction, Image Stabilization and Audio Editing. We reduce noises and make voices easier to understand.


In this workflow, we also improve your video in concern to its sound. In addition to image and color correction and image stabilization, audio editing is an important option for the overall enhancement of your video. When voices are more clearly understood or annoying noises are reduced, the attention of your audience increases dramatically. A careful audio adjustment often makes a big difference.

Wind noise, for example, can reach the maximum level and are then cut off by the camera automation causing loud cracks. Here we can achieve a much better end result by reducing the level in comparison to all other sound parts of the recording.

Likewise with the Premium Editing Plan we offer you 1 change loop. If you want changes to the editing, the music or the adjustments, you will receive you a newly edited video. We want to make sure you are happy with your video!

From the Deluxe Editing Plan on, we offer an additional sound design, in which single sounds or even entire audio backgrounds can be replaced. Click here for more information…

In the next step, you can enter the following information for your video:

  • 1-10 Titles
  • 1-3 Styles of Music or Songs
  • Preferred Length
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up to 2 hours of Footage


Image-, Color- & Sound Correction


1-10 Titles


3 Music Styles or Songs

Change Loops

1 Change Loop


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