Professional Editing Plan


  • Professional Cut
  • up to 1h of Footage
  • Color Correction & Image Stabilization
  • 3 Titles
  • 2 Music Styles or Songs
  • 1 Change Loop


As a Professional Service we offer the Image Stabilization of your video. This compensates for distracting camera movements and increases the attention of your audience.


This workflow contains all aspects of a professional editing and postproduction setup: A matched timing, an entertaining storyline, image- & color correction plus image stabilization. Your audience’s attention is increased by reducing annoying camera movement. And that also improves the overall impression of your video significantly.

Please note that the stabilization is always proportional to the quality of the video. Excessive correction can have a negative impact on the video quality and video resolution. Here you benefit from our many years of experience with the technical possibilities of all common editing programs. The overall impression always has the highest priority for us. Talk to us if you are not sure or have any further questions about your footage and its possibilities.

In addition, we also offer 1 change loop with this service. If you want changes to the editing, the music or the adjustments, you will receive a newly edited video. After all, we want you to be really satisfied with your video!

Starting from the Premium Editing Plan, a thoughtful audio editing is also included. Click here for more information…

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  • 1-3 Titles
  • 1-2 Music Style or Songs
  • Preferred Length
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Additional information


up to 1 hour of Footage


Color Correction & Image Stabilization


1-3 Titles


2 Music Styles or Songs

Change Loops

1 Change Loop


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