Standard Editing Plan


  • Best Price-Performance
  • up to 45 mins of Footage
  • Image- & Color Correction
  • 1 Main Title
  • 1 Music Style or Song
  • 0 Change Loops


Best price performance. The Standard Editing Plan includes Image- & Color Correction of your video for an overall visually appealing result for your viewers.


In addition to the basic storyline and matching rhythm, our Standard Editing Plan also includes the image and color correction of your footage. This allows us to significantly improve your shots. For example, a slated horizon often has a quite distracting effect on calm motifs. We can compensate for that by first zooming into the shot and then slightly turning it to correct the tilt. After that we will also adjust the colors for over- or underexposure, missing white balance or images with a color cast.

Please note that all corrections are consistently adjusted in relation to the video quality and video resolution. Making too big of an adjustment inevitably reduces the quality of the entire video. A visually appealing overall impression therefore always has the highest priority for us.

With the Professional Editing Plan an additional image stabilization is included. Click here for more information…

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  • 1 Main Title
  • 1 Music Style or Song
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up to 45 mins of Footage


Image- & Color Correction


1 Main Title


1 Music Style or Song

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0 Change Loops


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